An innovative, 100% effective hair straightening system. 

Capillary Treatment | Toning Masque | Reconstructive Treatment 

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Acia Oil Nanoplastia Smooth Operator

Acai Oil Nanoplastia offers a choice of services from the same bottle.

A capillary treatment (aiding volume reduction), smoothing, reducing frizz, anti-humidity and 100% straight.

It also promotes shine; the hair feels softer with beautiful movement and a natural look. Suitable for all hair types.

Magic Clay 4k - Black Ash 

Magic Clay 4K Black Ash is a toning mask with high-quality pigments.

This product works for combating yellow tones when smoothing with Omega Zero Nanoplastia on blonde hair. Also can be used for toning discoloured and brassy blonde hair. The result is an incredible greyish effect on discolored hair and in dark hair intense colour and shine, cooling warm tones. Promotes hydration, emollience, shine and colour definition.

RP Premium Repair and Protect 

A reconstructive treatment that was specially developed to treat severely damaged, dry and chemically treated hair.

It’s high-tech formula with KERESTORE 2.0 deeply penetrates the hair, restoring the nutrients, amino acids, keratin and other components needed for healthy hair. The result is nourished, hydrated, rebuilt, restored, healthy, porosity-free and extremely shiny hair.


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