Lift and colour in the same solution by MOWAN. 

Short Processing | Single Application | Up to 7 Levels of Lift 

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Mowan's PHair is a revolutionary cream dyeing system which offers a dual action in a single product: it lifts your hair up to 7 levels and deposits with infinite nuances.

Thanks to its short processing times and the possibility to get any nuance in a single application, both on natural and dyed hair, Phair is the ideal solution for every woman who dreams of always perfect and never aggressive colour. With Phair, in a single application with processing time from 20 to 50 minutes, you can change from black hair to natural blonde shades, avoiding yellow/red highlights as it happens with traditional hair bleaches. This new colouring concept allows you to achieve results so far unattainable.


Keratin is a protein present in the hair structure that plays a key role in its health. a lack of keratin, in fact, involves a higher exposure of hair to external agents, making it weaker and more fragile. natural keratin, used in Phair Lift & Colour, protects and repairs hair fibre during bleaching and colouring process and makes dyed hair soft, tidy and shiny over time. 

The range consists of 13 nuances and 1 clear which can be mixed together in order to get infinite possibilities of colours.